Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't Heating Oil the Same as Off Road Diesel?

No, it isn't.  Low Sulfur Heating Oil can contain as much as 550 parts per million of sulfur.  Typically Heating Oil goes into inside or underground tanks, so it isn't treated against gelling up.  We can add treatment to heating oil used in outside tanks for a small fee. Off Road Diesel is dyed ULSD (ULTRA LOW SULFUR DIESEL)  and only contains up to15 parts per million of sulfur. Off road diesel tanks are typically outside because it is used for outdoor equipment so in the winter months it comes treated with additive to help prevent gelling up. 

I lease my tank from my current energy provider can you fill their tank?

No, there are container laws, and we cannot fill another company's tank.  

We can sell and install your very own tank with 0% financing! 

What are the distance requirements of propane tanks.

Propane tanks filled on site must be a minimum of 10 feet away from direct vent intakes, and sources of ignition such as air conditioning units.  Tanks larger than 125 gallons must be placed a minimum of 10 feet from a building.  

It is best to have us come out and see where the safest place is for your tank.  

I own a D.O.T. cylinder that is more than 10 years old. Can you fill it?

If the cylinder has been re-qualified and is with in certification we sure can! If it needs to be requalified for a small fee we can have our driver do an inspection on site and if it passes,  we can re-qualify it , fill it and it will be good to fill for another 5 years.

I am getting a "free tank" from my current provider. Why should I own my tank?

When you lease or rent your tank from a provider, they typically charge you a higher rate per gallon for your energy to re-coup their cost of the tank.  Also because of container laws you are stuck dealing with that provider as long as you use their tanks. When you own your tank you can get a lower rate, and can shop around for the lowest price. Also you never will have to worry about a company picking up their tank, and charging you a fee to do so and re-stock the gas that you already paid for.   

How much notice do you need for a delivery?

We are very responsive but we ask that will call customers call us at about 20% for propane and a quarter of a tank for heating oil and off-road diesel. This should give us enough time to efficiently make your delivery before you run out of product.